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What is The National Vape Show? [Formerly VAPECAN]

Educating the General Public

There are so many misconceptions about electronic cigarettes and vaping. Through our Harm Reduction Conference, we wish to provide education to the vendors, general public, health officers, media and elected officials. We will also host various workshops for consumers and industry.

Facilitate More Business

We intend to help facilitate more cross-border and local business within our industry, and spread current knowledge of vaping. Come meet Distributors, Buyers, Brands, Retailers and Wholesalers.

Showcasing Products & Innovations

We will showcase latest products, flavours and innovations to the single largest gathering of Vapers and Smokers ever assembled in Canada. Come see you favorite brands and enjoy access to latest innovations.

Held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre

An event of this magnitude and this importance in Canada could only be held at one place: the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

The First Annual National Vape Show Awards

We will recognize the crème de la crème in the vaping industry. Everything will be covered from top innovators to best new juices in flavor categories such as ‘Best New Chocolate-Inspired Flavour’ and ‘Best New Vape Shop’.Look out for the full list of awards shortly.

Influential Keynote Speakers

Some of the speakers who will be addressing The National Vape Show are as follows: Beju Lakhani (Owner of Moshi), Dr. Gopal Bhatnager, David Sweanor, and MPP Randy Hillier to name a few.

The National Vape Show (NVS) is Canada’s largest consumer and B2B trade-show, and conference with a focus interaction between various vape stakeholders from around the world. The NVS will feature the vaping industry’s finest – including retail vendors, global vape brands, national distributors, leading manufacturers, regional wholesalers, passionate consumers (smokers & vapers), scientists, researchers and much more.

The NVS is also proud to debut to Canada the vaping documentary – A Billion Lives. This critically acclaimed picture gives the public the truth about vaping, government failure and the battle for a the billion lives that hang in the balance.

Harm Reduction Conference

200+ Worldwide Vape Companies

With over 100,00 square feet of exhibitor space, an expected 200+ vendors, the 2016 Vaping Awards and exciting speakers who are going to give you the cold-hard-truth about vaping; every angle of the industry is covered including the health, economic and political sides of vaping. The National Vape Show is the premier vaping event in Canada.

The National Vape Show (formerly Vapecan) is a gathering of the vaping industry’s finest with e-cigarette vendors, suppliers, distributors, manufacturers, wholesalers, consumers, keynote speakers and many more from around the globe descending on Toronto for this monumental three-day event.

This conference will do more than just focus on the B2B and B2C classic expo experience, although with over 100,000 square feet of convention space and over 200 hundred vendors expected, the possibilities will be limitless for both vendors and consumers.

But The National Vape Show is much more than that. It is a conference which is a celebration of the health impact vaping has created in Canada and throughout the World. Every aspect of the vaping industry will be covered in a way never done before all in one place at one time.

The National Vape Show will examine how vaping has helped numerous Canadians make the switch from smoking to vaping, and how that change has impacted numerous parties beyond those who actually converted to vaping. The environmental impact alone make the encouragement of vaping over smoking to be extremely beneficial to society as a whole. Numerous jobs have also been created as vape shops pop up in every city and every town in Canada. Hospitals have seen decreases in patients suffering from smoking-related illnesses. But perhaps most importantly, The National Vape Show will examine the huge economic impact electronic cigarettes has caused for the tobacco companies, the pharmaceutical companies and the politicians who are lobbied extensively by both to push for the extinction of the vaping lifestyle.

Exciting speakers will examine the ‘State of the Vaping Union’. Health professionals, scientists, professors and even MPPs will address the conference on what the new laws being proposed (and perhaps will be enacted by the start of the festival) will mean and how the vaping community can fight for their rights.

Consumers will get a get a glimpse of the latest vaping innovations and a chance to taste and purchase the newest e-liquid flavor releases from the top brands in the World.

Manufacturers, retailers and distributors will get a chance to meet their customers and network with each other to create long-lasting connections which will help to strengthen the vaping community in these times of adversity. Furthermore, the latest in innovation, product safety, harm reduction, educations and market profitability will all be extensively covered.

The National Vape Show will be meeting in the heart of downtown Toronto at the luxurious Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC) on October 21st-23rd 2016. The MTCC has hosted such iconic events as the G20, the G7, the Fan Expo, the Auto Show, etc.

The National Vape Show will also host the first ever ‘Vaping Awards Show’. Find out who the top e-liquid and vaping producers of 2016 are, with such categories as Best Dessert Flavour, Best Fruit Flavour, Best Alcoholic Drink Flavour, Top Innovator, Top Vaping Advocate, and so many more still to be announced.

The mission of the National Vape Show is to emphasize the importance of providing those who smoke an avenue to help make the switch to a healthier alternative and to allow those who already have switched the power to protect their decision.

Whether you are a consumer or a seller of vaping devices and accessories, The National Vape Show is the vaping (electronic cigarette) event of 2016. With such keynote speakers as David Sweanor, Dr. Gopal Bhatnager and MPP Randy Hillier, you won’t want to miss this vaping conference.

Don’t miss out and get your early-bird tickets today.